Imagination Image Map Editor

Imagination Image Map Editor 6.2

Easily make client-side HTML image maps for your website using this tool
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Easily make client-side HTML image maps for your website using the popular, award-winning Imagination Image Map Editor. Image maps are photos or graphics on webpages that contain clickable hyperlink-enabled areas. The Imagination Image Map Editor lets you visually create imagemaps for insertion into your webpages without any coding required!

Main Features :

- Save time and effort - Simply outline the imagemap shapes and let the Imagination Image Map Editor do the rest. Draw rectangles, polygons and circle shapes.
- No experience required - All image map data and required HTML image map code is automatically generated.
- Easily add image maps to your webpages - Export your finished imagemaps to the clipboard ready for inserting into your Web editing software.
- Save your image map region data - Save your image map data so that you can easily make changes to your image maps in the future.
- Customize your image map visually - Specify shape names, hyperlinks and more without coding!
- Free updates+.

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